Michael Butka
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Michael Butka who was born in Michigan on April 14, 1987 and passed away on January 29, 2004 at the age of 16. We will remember him forever.
Tributes and Condolences
missing my best friend   / Kj Flinton (girlfriend)
I miss our late night talks. make sure my mommas being good ;) I'll love you forever mikey <3
Happy Mother's Day Mom!   / Your Beautiful Baby Boy Michael Now In Heaven With All The Angels (I Love YOU Mom! )
Happy Mother's Day Mom! Remember when we stopped to smwell the fwlowers? I'm saving ALL the prettiest flowers in my new garden for you... Love Michael
Happy Mother's Day   / Shaye Creamer ^i^ Mack's Mom~Love You (Angels in Heaven )
Wishing you a peaceful and calm Mother's Day with many a wondrous sign from your beautiful Angel Michael. Keeping you forever in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. God Bless You!Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Foreverwww.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com  &...  Continue >>
God Bless   / Shaye ^i^ Mack's Mom ~. Love You Beautiful (Angels in Heaven )
Keeping you forever in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.God Bless You!Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Foreverwww.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com  "Death does not end a Love/relationship,Just how we communicate."
One in Time...(Poem)   / Shaye ^i^ Mack's Mom ~Love You Beautiful (Angel in Heaven )
One in time.. When you smell the sweet fragrance of the rose..and none is near.. Listen closely..YOUR Angel is who you hear.. The fragrance makes you aware of his existence.. One in time.. the beauty..the fragrance.. the gossamer wings.. the gentle f...  Continue >>
Butterflies Hover Near...(Poem)  / Shaye ^i^ Mack's Mom ~Love You Angels In Heaven (Grieving w/ You )    Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL MICHAEL!!  / Shaye ^i^ Mack's Mom ~Love You Angels In Heaven (Happy Birthday!! )    Read >>
Mary Had A little Lamb  / Shaye Creamer ^i^ Mack's Mom~ Love YOU (Angels in Heaven )    Read >>
Happy Easter Michael! I Love You!  / Shaye ^i^ Mack's Mom Miss You/Love You (Angels in Heaven )    Read >>
Wish You Were Here (Poem)  / Shaye Creamer ^i^ Mack's Mom~ Love You (Angels in Heaven )    Read >>
Mikey / Kirk Ballard (Cousin)    Read >>
For all Who Knew and Loved Michael  / Marsha Ballard (Aunt)    Read >>
Thinking of you often  / Stephanie Butka (Mom)    Read >>
Miss Ya  / Matthew Austin (cousin)    Read >>
Miss You  / Matthew Austin (cousin)    Read >>
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His legacy
We will miss Micheal forever  

I'd never had the chance to meet him and I heard so much about him. Who knows why this happened, to this day we do not know. I guess his Granmother was lonely in heaven and needed someone to hold. I think his legacy would be showing all of us how fragil life can be. Take the chance and seize the day,tell that person in your life you love them. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Michael will never ever be forgotten because  of who he was when he was with us.

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He loved to work on cars.
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